Have Ideas for Bronner’s Next Christmas Catalog?


Is the Bronner’s Christmas Favorites catalog YOUR favorite as much as it is mine?!

When I get my new catalog, I love to get cozy with a warm blanket and a delicious cup of hot chocolate (I know it’s only September, but it gets awfully cold up here in the North Pole) and flip through the pages and marvel at all the wondrous items held within its pages.

Three million copies of this year’s catalog have been printed and will begin arriving in homes in late September. The new catalog features about 280 new items and 450 exclusives. Each year the catalog team searches for new ideas to fill the many pages and they’d like your help! They want to know what kinds of ornaments and decorations you’re interested in, or if you’ve seen anything cool and unique you’d like to share. Also, if you have any feedback on the current issue of the catalog, feel free to let them know in the comments below.

Oh my, I almost forgot! They also wanted me to mention that if you haven’t received your catalog yet, you can view it online. And if you’re not already on Bronner’s mailing list, you can fill out a form in-store or online to request a catalog.

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